How Do You Choose the Right Business Name and Domain Name?

Tying a business in with choosing a domain name is a crucial decision that can have impactful results on attracting customers. Whether it’s your brand name that needs to be shouted from the rooftops or getting the most out of a keyword rich combination, your chosen domain needs to fit the bill.

What Is Your Business About?

When creating a business, it’s important to focus on what the goals of the business are going to be. Will it be a structured corporation or a small family owned store? Does the business name appeal to a specific or broad demographic? Is it in the technology sector or the food market? What is the backstory behind the business that can be applied to the name? These questions will help determine the theme of how the business will be designed and what goals are to be accomplished. There is no right or wrong decision, so choosing something that correlates to your goals and mindset of what you ultimately want the business to achieve will produce the best results. Then you can think about choosing a domain name.

Choosing the Right Domain Name

When considering the idea of choosing a domain name, the first question that should be asked is: what will the ultimate configuration of the website be? This is done to ensure you pick something that matches your business model and doesn’t alienate the audience you want to attract to your website. Take Apple, for example, a massively renowned company. They prefer to keep things modern and simplistic in their domain design since it matches the products that they sell. On the opposite end of this spectrum is QVC, which manages thousands of products and has much more complexity in its descriptions and details. The same concept with business structure in keeping the goals and vision of the domain constant will help in guiding the design of the domain itself.

Business Name and Domain Name: Merge or Not?

Generally the business name matches with the domain name to help make it easier for customers to know it’s linked to the business. There are times, however, when a business won’t want to directly link to its domain so they can sell off brand products, or even set up a duplicate business under a different name. The last thing to consider is how to distinguish the TLD when creating the domain name. This is important since it also serves as a basis of trust with the visitor. For more information on deciding that key area of the domain, check out this WestHost blog article here.
Both the business name and domain name are the first things people will see when they encounter your business. Rushing through the process can create confusion and oftentimes lost business with customers, so choosing a domain name carefully can lead to good results and interest in your business.
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