Five website tips relating to Google

You may want to give your website a bit of extra juice. Here are five tips to help you get the most out of your online presence.
Is there a way to quickly boost my rankings?
Yes, maybe! Installing Google Plus may indirectly increase search engine rankings. How fast or how high is unclear, but since Google owns this owns this technology it’s worth trying!
Said Google: “+1’s from friends and contacts can be a useful signal to Google when determining the relevance of your page to a user’s query. “
How do I make my images show up in Google Images?
Besides the obvious approaches of naming your image file correctly and adding alt tags, you can also submit an image map.
Said Google: “Google’s image extensions for Sitemaps to give Google additional information about the images on your site’s URLs. Doing this can help Google discover images we might not otherwise find (such as images that are reached via JavaScript forms), and also enables you to identify the most important images on a page.”
How do I remove a page from Google?
This can be tricky. There may be instances when a published website page indexed on Google is causing you a few issues. Even if you take the page down from your site it may still be cached in Google. In other instances, you may wish to get a third-party page removed since it in some way affects your privacy.
Said Google: “After you’ve made the changes on your site, you can expedite the removal process by submitting a URL removal request. If you don’t own the site, and the webmaster won’t take the content down, you can still request removal of certain confidential or personal information, such as your government ID number, bank account number, or signature. You can kick-start this process here.”
Is there a way to optimize my videos for Google search results?
Yes, you can use a Google Video Sitemap or video extension to give the search giant some more information about your video. This has some overlap with the concept of an RSS feed.
Said Google: “The entries in a video Sitemap must include a link to a landing page for a video and some required information. Many of the elements in a video Sitemap are optional, but they provide useful metadata that can enhance your video results and improve Google’s ability to include your video in search results. “
Is there a way to get more people to link to my website?
Well, Google offers an obvious suggestion: Create unique, compelling content that entice people to add reciprocal links. But, be careful about using unnatural links that can likewise damage your ranking. Some suggestions from Google include creating a blog , holding a seminar, or releasing some data about an online experiment that may be useful to others.
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