Domain Name Fails

These domain names will hopefully inspire you to be careful when picking your web address!
Choosing a domain name should be fairly straightforward: your business’s name followed by a period and the gTLD of your choice, or at the very least some relevant combination of words, acronyms, or abbreviations. However, some domain names have really missed the bullseye. Let’s give ourselves a giggle with a handful of the most unfortunate domain names to have graced the worldwide web.
This gets an F. You may want to insist that the Ts in this domain are capitalized, otherwise your students might opt for home schooling this year.
Thoughts of Bart Simpson prank calling Moe the bartender in The Simpsons immediately spring to mind. Do you think will be the next business venture for poor Ben Dover? Watch your back, Moe, you may be next.
I don’t think the owners of Internet Protocol Anywhere had any idea that they were suggesting public evacuation of liquid waste. Wise up, guys, there are laws against that in most countries.
Although law firm Morrison & Foerster probably created their site before the alternate meaning behind mofo hit the mainstream, they have decided against changing their domain name – in fact, their website embraces the acronym MoFo, using it as shorthand for the firm throughout. You can learn all about MoFo women, MoFo global, MoFo events, and even MoFo in the news! MoFo for the win! Order in the court!
You listen here, Freddy and Suzie, you better clean up your language! This domain now redirects to – at least we managed to cut the potty mouth down in the youth population by approximately 50%.
IHA Vegas Holiday Rentals: really? You couldn’t have thought of any other combination of acronyms for your domain name? Did anyone, anyone, think to ask a second opinion from an outside source? Let’s hope potential customers assume you’re talking about the presence of sparkling water at your rental properties.
Macho, macho me! I want to be a macho me! Bummer alert: Mac the name of this company is actually Mac Home, not Macho me, and it is nowhere near as inspiring. Now what is going to keep me going at the gym tonight?!
This Welsh domain name can be a bit of a struggle to type into the browser bar!
For an IT company, you would think IT Scrap would have been a bit more cautious when choosing their domain name. Hopefully readers will know the proper use of an apostrophe and possessive punctuation rules to know better.
Hosted by Michael Phelps, this is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the struggles of professional swimmers with irritable bowel syndrome and their experiences with excessive flatulence in tight-fitting swimwear. No, it’s not. It’s just about art and the speed at which it travels! You see how easy it is to misinterpret a domain?
We all have that friend who, no matter how hard we try, continues to make destructive life choices that end up causing them pain. This is not a site for that friend. This is actually a Spanish tourism website. And no, we don’t all have a friend like that. Now go tell your friend to get help. And be a better friend.
This is the ugly redheaded stepchild of It is not affiliated with the site, but the real-life Google hopes no one actually types in 59 (we counted) Os and ends up at this site. Except for you, because you just tried to go to this site, didn’t you? Now their site visits have soared from 1 to a whopping 2! (We tried, too.)
The number of domain names is not so limited that you have to opt for something like this, guys. You’re just getting silly, domain masters. Okay, never mind, we are bluffing. ¬†We really like it. Don’t tell but we also make destructive life choices. Like choosing domain names like this. Don’t be like us.
Oh, man, tech jokes are just the best. See what they did there?
Do you need help selecting a great domain name for your business? Check out this article, or head on over to our website to start searching for the domain name that sets you apart.