Do You Remember How to Handwrite? Check Out This Google Search Feature!

Google Handwrite
Over the last few years Google has pioneered a number of ways for users to conduct a search including Google Instant, speaking your queries, and by using an image search instead of a web search.
They recently did something very clever; handwriting a web search on mobile phones and tablets.

“Say you’re standing on a busy street corner, in a bumpy taxi ride, talking with a friend, or sitting on the couch with your tablet,” said Google. “Handwrite enables you to search by just writing letters with your finger most anywhere on your device’s screen—there’s no keyboard that covers half of the screen and no need for hunt-and-peck typing.”
Google released a video demonstrating the new technology:

To enable Handwrite, visit on your smartphone or tablet, click ‘Settings,’ found at the bottom of the page, and then enable Handwrite. This feature is currently available in 27 languages.
Would the older generation appreciate this new technology? This is one particular example of a how new mobile spin on an existing technology may open up the door to more Google users who are not a fan of touch-typing.
Owners of websites on WestHost hosting platforms need to watch these new technologies carefully as they open the door to new lead generation strategies and hopefully customers.
“We designed Handwrite to complement rather than replace typing: with the feature enabled, you can still use the keyboard at any time by tapping on the search box,” said Google. “Handwrite is experimental, and works better in some browsers than others—on Android devices, it works best in Chrome. For now, we’ve enabled Handwrite for iOS5+ devices, Android 2.3+ phones and Android 4.0+ tablets—in 27 languages.”
This feature is still in beta but looks sure to become a hit with a range of power users.