BMW Giveaway

The CarThis has been an exciting year around WestHost for our talented and hard working team of employees. At our company Christmas party in December of 2006, it was announced that we would be giving away a BMW Z4 Roadster at our 2007 company Christmas party to one very lucky WestHost employee! With much anticipation throughout the year our staff has been excited for the drawing to finally be here. Employees have had the opportunity to earn ping pong balls during the year based on performance reviews, awards and other recognition. Those ping pong balls then went into a random drawing.

At our company Christmas party last night, the wait ended with a new set of car keys for one very excited employee who had one of their ping pong balls selected from the container. Lucky #14We would like to recognize and congratulate Jonny Fillmore who won the BMW! Jonny wasn’t able to be present at the party, so we called his cell phone to congratulate him on his new prize. While on speaker phone, Jonny responded with an unconvincing “you’re kidding”. After a few seconds realizing this wasn’t a joke, the shock began to set in and some laughter and “Wow” were conveyed. I’m sure Jonny will have a great time with the car as it fits him perfectly. Now he will just have to try and accommodate all the requests he will receive from co-workers, friends and family for a ride in his new car! Congratulations Jonny!