5 Reasons Why PHP Scripting Language Smokes ASPX in the Web Development Arena

Many web developers, especially new ones, are often faced with the choice of using either PHP or ASPX. While many reasons have been advanced in support of one or the other, here are the top five advantages of PHP.

  1. Low Cost
  2. PHP is free, and so are its upgrades. Another reason for PHP’s low cost has to do with the fact that LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) is extremely popular and hence LAMP hosting is relatively cheap. On the other hand, ASPX is only free with purchase of Windows OS.

  3. Great Support
  4. Support for LAMP (and by extension PHP) is abundant. This is mainly because it is an open source platform with thousands of developers around the globe. Developers with problems or questions about PHP can easily post their concerns and get friendly responses. Support for ASP.net is only available from Microsoft developers, and this means less supporters as compared to PHP.

  5. Easy To Learn
  6. The fundamentals of PHP are relatively easy to master as compared to ASP.net. Fresh developers can learn PHP without prior knowledge of coding. Many developers say that PHP language is clearer and those who have a basic understanding of HTML find it even simpler.

  7. Robustness
  8. In general, PHP is more stable than ASPX. This obviously translates to greater uptime. It is a proven technology that has been around for over a decade now. In addition to that, it is regularly updated. This has greatly increased its stability.

  9. Editor Independent
  10. Since PHP is editor independent, those who use it can use any of the extensive editors available. This is not the case with ASPX whose editors tend to rely on Microsoft Visual Studio for developing applications.

What are your reasons for choosing PHP?