5 Domain Extensions You Didn’t Know You Needed

9th July, 2018 by

In a perfect world, we would all get the .com domain that we want. However, unfortunately, this is not typically the case in this day and age. There are over 1.8 billion websites currently online. With so many websites in use, domains are a hot commodity. As you begin to create your new website you may find that someone else is using the domain you wanted to register, or just squatting on it with the aim of making a quick profit.

What should you do when your desired .com is taken?

Website creators have two options when this situation occurs: they can try to purchase the domain, sometimes at a very high price, or they can look for alternative domains. In this post, we will cover the best domain extensions for your website when you can’t obtain the .com domain you originally wanted to register.

If you are in the early stages of creating a website and have been searching the domain search bars without success, don’t worry. Whether you are looking to create a blog, ecommerce store or anything else, WestHost can help you find the best domain for your needs.

Below you will find the top five domain extensions for your website when you haven’t yet found a domain:

#1. .LIVE

The .LIVE domain can add some excitement to your website. Perfect for promotions, streaming, marketing and dozens of other purposes, .LIVE demonstrates that your website is vibrant and up to date with the latest trends, and it’s a great substitute for the expensive or unattainable .com domain you’ve been searching for.

#2. .CO

The .CO domain extension has been adopted as a substitute for both .com and .co.uk. While .CO doesn’t generate as much excitement as some other domain extensions, it contains an air of dignity and stability which you may also be after. The .CO web address ending is perfect for accountants, ecommerce and other professional ventures.

#3. .TODAY

The .TODAY domain extension is quickly becoming a favorite for websites that feature news, blogs, podcasts or any other type of daily content. This web address ending is also a great addition to established sites as a landing page to offer sales, coupons or deals that may not have a place on your homepage. Easily market your latest specials with a .TODAY domain name.

#4. .STORE

What better way to showcase your ecommerce shop than with a .STORE web address ending. Cut out any confusion from the start and let your customers know that you mean business when it comes to online sales. This popular domain extension has become a favorite for both ecommerce website owners and established websites looking to add a small store as part of their site. The .STORE domain is easily marketable and exists as a great alternative to the hard-to-find .com domain.


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