5 Awesome Joomla SEO Plugins That Google Will Love

Joomla SEO Plugins
Search engine optimization or SEO refers to a collection of strategies and techniques that help push your website closer to the top of the search rankings. In order to deliver the kind of content their users want to see, search engine companies use software and people who can identify certain clues as to how useful your site will be to visitors. Examples include content, site maps; meta tags in the site’s code; and helpful, detailed URLs.
While premium content has lately become Google’s favorite ingredient in generating a good search result, there are a number of additional ways to inch your ranking up, including SEO applications available for content management systems (CMS) such as Joomla.
These can facilitate search optimization, especially for those who have less familiarity with SEO techniques. Here are five widely recommended Joomla SEO plugins.

1. Xmap
Creating a site map increases usability for visitors and is one of the attributes that search spiders look for. Xmap is a site map generator, which allows Joomla users to build a map based on the structure of their site’s menus.
2. SEOSimple
Search engines look at a page’s meta tags when indexing it and determining its search ranking. This plugin automatically takes a section of text from the beginning of the page and converts it into a meta description tag.

3. JoomSEF
Search engines give higher rankings to pages with detailed, readable, relevant URLs than to those with URLs consisting of random characters. The URLs of a Joomla site’s pages are not always search engine friendly. This plugin component creates the kind of URLs that garner a higher page ranking.
4. Sh404SEF
Among other features, this plugin enables Joomla users to track their sites’ social sharing numbers, now a major element in how a site is ranked. It also enables users to utilize Google analytics via Joomla’s back end.
5. Smart SEO
This plugin is widely recommended for those who are new to SEO and uncertain as to how they should proceed. It offers a broad range of functionality, including the ability to edit meta tags and other SEO-related elements while browsing a page rather than having to go to the back end.
Be cautious when choosing which Joomla SEO plug-ins to add to your site and how you go about using them. Some, such as plugins designed to redirect visitors to a different page, can violate search sites’ best practice guidelines and may result in penalties for your site if misused.
By the way, Joomla is freely available on the Linux WestHost server platforms and extremely easy to set up!