3 Top Reasons You Need A Business Website

No matter how large or small your company is, you need to have a website.
Today’s customers live their lives online. Before they even visit a brick-and-mortar store they are highly likely to check out the business online first; a quick Google search can uncover loads of information about any company they’re looking to buy from. So why should you be involved in just what they find out in that Google search? To take control of your brand’s reputation.
There is conversation online about every business in the world. That may sound like a bold statement, but if your brand hasn’t once been mentioned in the digital world – be it for good or for bad reasons – then you’re doing something wrong.
If your business operates solely offline you may not see any good reason to have a website, but the above should show you that adding to the online conversation is a positive move for your business. Imagine if a potential customer is searching for your business online and is only able to find a negative review on a reviews website and a few disgruntled Tweets from unhappy customers? If you don’t have a website they’re likely to believe the conversation they can uncover, and in this case that customer may well choose to go elsewhere.
Your business website doesn’t have to be a huge complex site with loads of pages and complicated ecommerce functionality. It can simply be a location for customers to find details about your company, including where you’re based, how they can contact you and how best to make a purchase. This information will find its way into the right hands following that aforementioned internet search, and potential browsers could become loyal customers overnight.
Here are 3 top reasons your business needs a website:

  1. To compete

There are hundreds of thousands of businesses around the world, and unless your company is super-niche, you’re likely to have a few hundred competitors in your field. Why miss out on the chance to compete directly with these competitors? If you don’t have an online presence your potential customers are likely to find their way to your competition (especially if they do have a website) and your sales will see a dramatic dip. Join the online hustle and bustle and you’ll become a valuable player in your field; you may even poach a few customers from the competition, too!

  1. To increase sales

This is the big one. There are so many ways to boost your sales with the help of a website. The internet has no opening hours; people are shopping online around the clock and around the globe, and by having a website your business can be open all hours. Imagine your local business receiving custom from site visitors from halfway across the globe! Even local businesses who pride themselves on their small size can benefit from an online presence, as the search engines tailor search results geographically. You can reach your local audience in a flash and at any time with an online presence, boosting your local sales as well as any potential global business.

  1. To control the conversation

No business likes bad press, but unfortunately thanks to the onset of the digital age customers have increased power over the businesses they choose to buy from due to the existence of social media and online forums. If your business doesn’t have a website with links to contact your team, your customers are likely to take their frustrations out elsewhere, which can be very damaging to your brand. Give them an avenue to contact you directly and work through their issues with a member of your team, and they’re sure to thank you for it.
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