3 Boosters To WordPress Security

You can’t wrap your website up in cotton wool, but you can protect it in other ways, especially if you use WordPress.
Just like your car, your handbag, and your house, your website can be a target for criminals. Make sure the welcome mat isn’t rolled out for them when they come around, by following these three tips…
Add a CAPTCHA plugin to your site
The word might sound like double Dutch, but CAPTCHAs are more familiar than you think. They’re the squiggly letters that you’re asked to type out on more and more ecommerce sites. Essentially, it’s a CAPTCHA’s job to get you to complete a test that proves you’re a human and not a computer. You can add one of these tests to your WordPress long-in page, by downloading a plugin.
Install a BackupBuddy
This plugin has developed a good reputation. It’ll regularly back-up your widgets, themes, plugins, files and your SQL database to secure sites like Dropbox and Amazon S3. It can even back-up your content to your email. Then, if anything goes wrong, all is not lost.
Stay legit
Only ever upload plugins or themes to your WordPress that come from an authentic source. The same way knock-off designer t-shirts shrink in the wash, counterfeit WordPress accessories aren’t worth the time it takes to install them. Plus, they can seriously damage your website.