10 Influential Entrepreneurs You Need To Be Following On Twitter

Stay on the pulse of everything new in tech and business by following these 10 accounts.
Despite its unfortunate associations with trolling and self-aggrandizement, Twitter offers a great deal of value to the business community. It is peerless as a method of contacting and communicating with public figures, and many high-profile business leaders have accounts that are used to disseminate news or opinions. From announcements about Royal births to declarations of Presidential campaigns, Twitter can be the first place to read tomorrow’s front-page stories.
Twitter is also a great platform for following business leaders, and these are ten Twitter accounts every small business owner or entrepreneur should be connected to:

  1. Jack Dorsey. Followers: 3.65 million. Tweets: 19,700. Known simply as Jack, Twitter’s founder has sent almost 20,000 tweets through his decade-old account. Many of these posts detail forthcoming changes to Twitter, which makes this a must-follow account among social media or marketing professionals.
  2. Sir Richard Branson. Followers: 7.74 million. Tweets: 12,400. The British philanthropist and founder of the Virgin empire tweets about everything from environmental conservation to intrapreneurship within his multi-faceted global organization. He’s not averse to tweeting an action photo or two, among numerous images of meetings with business heads and product launch press conferences.
  3. Rupert Murdoch. Followers: 768,000. Tweets: 1,715. Like him or loathe him, Australia’s foremost media mogul rarely backs a loser. He owns 21st Century Fox and Europe’s Sky TV broadcasting service, though business pressures clearly take time away from social media – his Twitter timeline is erratic and highly politicized.
  4. Lord Sugar. Followers: 5.16 million. Tweets: 38,400. Wearing a variety of hats from political adviser and reality TV host to IT guru and property investor, Lord (Alan) Sugar is one of the UK’s leading business voices. He’s also a prolific tweeter who often picks arguments with other Twitter users, but his knowledge of startups and business ventures is literally and metaphorically peerless.
  5. Chris Sacca. Followers: 1.72 million. Tweets: 48,600. Billionaire Sacca has been involved with many of the world’s leading startups, which means his approval and patronage is hugely valued. He’s a former employee of Google and currently ranks third on Forbes’ influential Midas List of the tech sector’s top hundred investors.
  6. Kevin Rose. Followers: 1.61 million. Tweets: 10,800. Serial entrepreneur and tech investor Kevin Rose is a venture partner at Google Ventures, which means he knows a great deal more about the world’s most influential tech company than most of us. Tweets range from personal commentary to new business ideas.
  7. Chris Dixon. Followers: 238,000. Tweets: 9,420. An account that should be followed by anyone in the IT sector, Dixon is a programmer and investor fascinated by tomorrow’s world. This makes his timeline compelling viewing for people eager to identify future trends in software development and infrastructure.
  8. Loic Le Meur. Followers: 128,000. Tweets: 53,800. Unlike many Twitter users, Le Meur’s timeline is almost entirely free of personal tweets in favor of of work-related advice and startup profiles, mostly across in the tech and IT sector. Following him can provide inspiration about other Twitter profiles to pay attention to.
  9. Martin Varsavsky. Followers: 101,000. Tweets: 33,600. Florida-based university professor Varsavsky has strong ties to Spain, with bilingual tweets and daily commentary about market activities on both sides of the Atlantic. Frequently retweets breaking news and investor insights.
  10. Jonathan Fields. Followers: 59,700. Tweets: 31,300. Sporting a timeline packed with inspirational quotes and illustrations, Fields is an author and entrepreneur who regularly interacts with his followers, unlike the more aloof and standoffish Twitter profiles of other high-profile individuals.

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