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If you have been the victim of a hacker, don’t worry—it is possible to recover.  This article will help give you information about infiltration, and a few steps to help you recover.

Table of Contents

How was my account hacked?

There are two common ways account are infiltrated:


2) The attacker exploited a security vulnerability in a script or application installed on your account. This is most likely the case if you are running old or outdated software that has known security vulnerabilities (e.g., Joomla 1.0). This type of vulnerability can also occur in the database through a MySQL injection, as such your database integrity is also most likely compromised.

How do I recover?

To help mitigate future attacks, we strongly recommend that you perform all of the following:


– Login to your cPanel and change your main cPanel password. Also change the passwords for all of your e-mail, FTP users, and MySQL users. Make sure the new passwords are secure; they should contain a mix of upper- and lowercase letters and numbers. For extra security, also add symbols or punctuation characters to your passwords. You can find out how to change your password here: CHI - How To Reset The cPanel/-FTP/-SSH Password

– Change the passwords for any administration-type areas of your web site (e.g., WordPress control panel, shopping cart administration).


Lastly, if web browsers are giving warning message because Google is currently classifying your web site as dangerous, you’ll want to create a free Google Webmaster Tools account at Once you have logged into your Google Webmaster Tools account and added your web site, you will be able to click on a link to request a review of your site. Google will visit your site again and verify that the malicious code has been removed, then remove the “This site may harm your computer” warnings.

Helpful Links:

We have an article on protecting WordPress here.

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