Break your broken link problem with Xenu

11th February, 2008 by


As someone that works extensively in online marketing, and as someone who works as a Web master for a number of sites, I’m always on the prowl for innovative and helpful tools that automate the processes of Web site maintenance and optimization. If you’ve ever had the task of maintaining one or more Web sites, you probably have your own slew of tools that you have acquired over the years that do the same thing for you.

Previously, I blogged about the SEO for Firefox plug-in, which I find to be a particularly useful tool in quick analysis of Google search results. Another great tool I’ve taken a liking to is Tilman Hausherr’s Xenu. This little tool is a download, rather than a browser-based client, that essentially spiders through your site checking all the links to images, Web pages, plug-ins, backgrounds, style sheets, applets, etc. If you have a broken link on your site, the tool reports back to you the location of the link so you can fix the problem. Xenu is a handy little tool for any sized site, and not only is it easy-to-use and good at what it does, but it’s also FREE!

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