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Getting your website to the top of the search engines is no mean feat, and the exact science of pleasing Google, Bing and the likes has been much disputed by webizens worldwide. Find out how well your site is performing and get handy, simple guides to improving your SEO with Website SEO Guru from WestHost!

Website SEO Guru is the simple online marketing tool that will help your business climb search rankings, increase your site traffic and get you more leads. All this without the need to buy expensive SEO services! Following a complete website SEO analysis you’ll get simple step by step guidelines to improve your SEO, tune up your content and boost your social media presence. Not only will Website SEO Guru tell you how your site is performing, it will even provide details of how your competitors are doing as well.

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You can check out just how powerful Website SEO Guru is right now by getting your completely FREE instant SEO report. Simply enter your domain name and email address below and we’ll show you just how well your website is performing.

How Website SEO Guru
Works In 3 Easy Steps



Step 1

We delve into your website to provide you with a detailed report on how you’re doing with SEO.

Suggested Website

Step 2

Based on the report we’ll suggest changes to be made to your website, and give you simple guides on how to make these changes.


Step 3

We’ll keep an eye on your performance and how it changes; you can watch your website climb the rankings!

Why choose Website Guru SEO?

Gain a
competitive edge
Piggy Bank
Boost relevant
traffic to your site
Easily track
your progress in real time
Upward Bar Graph
Increase your website
traffic and your customer base
Compatible with all existing websites,
even those not hosted with WestHost
Magnifying Glass Page
Simple to use with
easy to follow guides
Head Profile Knowledge
knowledge required

Website SEO
Guru Features

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  • 30 Day FREE Trial
  • Search Engine Submission
  • 500 pages scanned/day
  • 2 Competitor analysis
  • 15 keywords ranking report
  • Report via email
  • Alerts
  • Site performance report
  • Plan of Action

Business Plus

  • 30 Day FREE Trial
  • Search Engine Submission
  • 1000 pages scanned/day
  • 4 Competitor analysis
  • 25 keywords ranking report
  • Report via email
  • Alerts
  • Site performance report
  • Plan of Action

* Monthly equivalent price for a yearly contract

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