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  • General Availability Phase Begins December 6th
  • Register a non-resolving .XXX TLD

.XXX – Protect Your Domain Today!

Introduction to .XXX

The Internet is home to a wealth of content, suitable for a wide range of ages and values. The adult entertainment industry has, and always will, account for a large amount of this content and while it is enjoyed by some, it is not suitable or of interest to all internet users.

.XXX is a Sponsored Top-level Domain (TLD) where registrants must provide proof that they are a part of the "Online Adult Entertainment" industry that provides sexually-oriented content. The creation of .XXX will create a clearly signposted place where adult entertainment can be accessed and allow surfers to have a clear idea of the nature of the site before they click, rather than after.

How does this apply to me?

WestHost does not provide hosting or domain registration services to the adult industry. As such we will not be providing domain registration for resolving .XXX TLD's. However, we will provide you the option to safeguard your domain & protect your intellectual property rights by allowing registration for NON-RESOLVING .XXX TLD's.

General Availability phase begins on December 6th. During this phase all .XXX domain names will be allocated to applicants on a first come, first served basis. For those who are non-members of the adult sponsored community, WestHost will accept applications for NON-RESOLVING .XXX domain names. It is not required to have a trademark during this phase. You may wish to apply for non-branded names such as your own personal domain during this phase.

If you have further questions regarding the new .XXX TLD please visit or feel free to contact us directly.

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WestHost clients may qualify for the General Availability phase.

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