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WestHost Webucation FAQ
You've Got Questions - We've Got Answers

WestHost Webucation FAQ

Welcome to the WestHost Frequently Asked Questions. Here you will find answers to the common questions asked about our services.

  1. I thought this was free, why do I have a $12 balance?
  2. What if I already own a domain?
  3. Will I be charged more at the end of the year if I keep the account?
  4. Will there be advertisements on the site because it's free?
  5. Why are you doing this?

1. I thought this was free, why do I have a $12.50 balance?

Domain registration isn't included in the free hosting offer. If you would like to get a free domain you can do so by selecting a subdomain (ex. in step 1-b of the order form in the bottom right corner of the Additioal domains list. If you wish to register a new domain you will be charged for the registration cost upon sign up which is $12.50/year. Check out our blog post for tips on domain name registration.

2. What if I already own a domain?

Great! Use the existing domain box on the order form. There is no charge for hosting an existing domain with us.

3. Am I hooked into contract or long-term commitment?

Absolutely not, we want this to be 1 year of totally free hosting. You don't even need to put in any kind of payment information when you sign up. At the end of your year of free hosting if you choose to keep the account you will only pay for whatever billing term you choose to continue with.

4. Will there be advertisements on the site because it's free?

We don't want to cheapen your hosting experience with ads or anything like that. The account you choose will be identical in every way to the account you would receive if you paid full price. All of the great features and excellent service is yours, only you're getting it for free.

5. Why are you doing this?

With our main office close to USU we've greatly benefitted from college students so we simply want to give back. In addition we love websites and, since they're not going away, want to support understanding about them; what better way than to let students get in and get their feet wet! Lastly we feel pretty confident in what we do; we've been doing it for 15 years and grown a lot. We realize the mutual benefit of helping students because they are the next gen work force and will remember their awesome experience at WestHost!

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