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  • View Bob's Plan

    Beginner Bob

    Hi, my name is Bob.

    I've been watching the action on the Web for a while and now I want a website of my own but all I have to spend is pocket change. I don't really know how to get started but I know I'll start with a website containing information, pictures, blog and other basic content mainly for family and friends. I don't plan on selling anything or promoting it to the masses and want to use a free website builder to get going.

  • View Heidi's Plan

    Hosting Heidi

    This is one sweet plan.

    I have been around the Web and even participate in publishing a blog on the social sphere and have a simple website. I don't have a lot of money but I like lots of features and wiggle room so I am willing to pay a little more. I plan to add to my current site and maybe even get another site going. I love to use content management systems and like to easily publish photos, embed videos, create a blog and even a forum. I can see why this is the most popular plan.

  • View Sally's Plan

    Startup Sally

    Show me the money!

    I am ready to start selling online and with a plan that has what I need to get going and expand my business. I will pay more but have to save as much as possible to keep my bottom line up. I want to get as many people to this site as possible and make sure it is available when they come. I like my own email address and the ability to make changes whenever I want.

  • View Rick's Plan

    Reseller Rick

    Hi, I'm Rick.

    I am a Web developer managing many websites for my own clients. Most of them want me to take care of everything for them so I handle all their hosting accounts with one interface, setting limits, viewing stats, customizing their control panel and so on. I want a very professional look so I am glad everything is white-label so my clients think it is totally hosted with me.

  • View Dan's Plan

    Dependable Dan

    Hey, how you doin'?

    I have been around for awhile and have seen my needs grow beyond traditional hosting plans. I use more computing power to handle traffic spikes and other applications. I have a number of websites that are used for different purposes. The size of these websites are increasing and my business depends on site stability and uptime. I like the fact that a cloud server will rebuild itself in seconds if something happens to it, and that I can scale up to a different plan with the click of a button.

  • View Callie's Plan

    Corporate Callie

    Hi, I'm Corporate Callie.

    My business is thriving and it's time we move our site to a server of its own. I'm familiar enough with the Internet to know that I need a technical whiz kid to solve all the backend system administration issues. I have a few people around here to help with IT needs but we just don't have the time to take care of server management. I have an established business with one or more websites in its network and as the business continues to expand, my websites need to quickly adapt and change to meet the demands of this growth.

  • View Stew's Plan

    Savvy Stew

    Hello, I'm Stew.

    I've worked with plenty of servers and I'm fully confident in my ability to manage my own dedicated server. I know what root is, and it is not something that grows in the ground. If that is what you were thinking, then Corporate Callie can help you find a server that fits your needs. I know my stuff and how to take care of it.

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