Hosting Companies Unite to Provide Relief for Haiti

January 22nd, 2010 by

Hosting for Haiti, Haiti Support, Donate to Haite

As many of you know, beginning January 12th, a chain of earthquakes devastated Haiti leaving its people in a famine of essential supplies and support personnel to assist.

Although normally fiercely competitive, WestHost has joined VPS.NET, midPhase, HostGator, SingleHop, Laughing Squid, HostDime, iWeb, Site5, SoftLayer, Blue Box Group, Webair, and more in a community effort to exercise power as a group and achieve much more than we can alone.

Donate to the Red Cross to help Haiti
Hosting for Haiti has partnered with the American Red Cross to provide support, which may include mobilizing relief workers, sending relief supplies, and providing financial resources for recovery.

We hope to make a difference. And you can too. Ten dollars helps. One hundred dollars helps ten times more.

PLEASE VISIT: and join us!

3 Ways to Help

Donate to the International Response Fund.100% of the funds will go to the American Red Cross Haiti Relief and Development fund.

Copy this URL ( and place it on your blog or anywhere else you think it will be viewed.

Tweet about this!Use the hash-tag #hostingforhaiti and spread the word!
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Happy Birthday World Wide Web!


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# 16th February, 2010

Maybe set up a petition to make it international law that its all isp’s, web hosting companies, email providers, and software vendors are responsible for preventing spyware and virus distribution through their networks.

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# 22nd February, 2010

Great to know that Hostgator is involved in helping the Haitian people out in their time of dire need. I too have donated to the Red Cross and encourage others to do the same.

business facilities
# 27th February, 2010

all of people must help each other ,even we are different culture,nationality or religion, because we are the same human who live in earth

Denby Pottery
# 7th March, 2010

He would like to acknowledge Sgt. Dave White and Master Cpl. J.F. Parent, members of 5 Wing working maintenance on the helicopters in Haiti, because without their efforts and of other mechanics the helicopters would be on the ground.

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# 12th March, 2010

The leadership of these multi-billion dollar enterprises spent many multiples of their donations each year to fund their lobbyists. They are the boys and girls who think nothing of dropping a couple of hundred dollars on a lunch at Provencal or one of the other Michelin-starred restaurants. Yet they commit the equivalent of a McD Happy Meal to the Haiti relief effort.

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# 17th March, 2010

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# 27th March, 2010

It’s great to see so much help and support continuing to pour in for Haiti. I even have some friends that have actually gone down there to help with the efforts.

Till then,


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# 11th July, 2010

It was wonderful to see the out pouring of support for Haiti but it was disturbing only recently to hear on the news that only 10% of the promised aid from the world ahas actually been given to Haiti. They need the supprot and they need the support now. I was shocked to hear that they were yet to receive it given that it was now 6 months ago.