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WestHost Employee Spotlight

Chris Michaelis: Technical Engineer

We would like to congratulate Chris Michaelis for his outstanding contributions in client service excellence! Chris is a Technical Engineer here at WestHost and plays a major role on our Development team. He is an integral part of the WestHost team and a large contributor to our ongoing success. As part of our Development team Chris handles the complexities of deploying and ensuring functionality of many of our new and existing site applications. Although he works behind the scenes he is a frequent contributor to the WestHost blog offering helpful ideas or tips.

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One Comment

  1. Posted April 12, 2009 at 18:13 | Permalink

    Congratulations, Chris! As with all of the Westhost family, I’m sure the spotlight is just a way of saying thanks.. But as a customer, the spotlight isn’t half of what should be given to ALL of the Westhost crew.. As a new webmaster, and new reseller, I continue to push any and all business to the company for this reason.. There’s not a company on the net that can compare to Westhost or it’s employees, and I wish the best for you all.!! If I lived closer to you guys, I’d take ya out for drinks one night.. But Missouri isn’t exactly a quick drive to you lol.. Again, Congrads and thanks for continuing to prove that your talents and the rest of the crew make Westhost the number one hosting co. out there!!!
    Robert B, Owner

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