The Best Customer Service is No Customer Service

June 2nd, 2008 by

This certainly doesn’t sound like the title of a blog post you would expect from a client-centric company like WestHost. I was recently told about a new book entitled “The Best Service is No Service.” The concept is very fitting for the hosting industry. The vast majority of our clients want the ability to easily complete tasks on their own versus having to drop us an e-mail or pick up the phone and have us do it. Under the perfect conditions they never have to contact us because everything is easily available for them to do on their own.

A great non-hosting industry example of this is Verizon Wireless. If you go back approximately two years, the process for adding an additional cell phone line and activating it required two separate phone calls. They were miserable long calls, filled with legal contract recordings. While the agents generally offered very friendly service, as a customer it was still a dreaded experience. Today both of these tasks can be completed online in a couple of minutes and I’m a much happier Verizon Wireless customer because of it.

We recently completed a major upgrade to our infrastructure that improved a number of things in regards to this. But there is still a lot more we plan to do inside our control panel and billing system to allow clients to have the control they desire. This is what we’ll be working on over the next year. But what will not change is having our great client service team available 24/7/365 to back you up if you need our help. Expect to hear more details on our continuing upgrades in the coming months.

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Shawn Sorrell
# 3rd June, 2008

I have to agree with your point. I know that it can often be frustrating for some WestHost customers since the approach is different from many hosting companies but I it is one reason I have always stuck with WH.

From the start WH has endeavored to give us as much control over the hosting environment as they could. The drawback for many newbies or non technical clients is that there is a learning curve involved to have this control. While I don’t want to loose the current abilities that we have for those who have gone through this learning curve I do hope that some advancement can be made to allow users to have access to these abilities without the learning curve. That, as I see it, well take web interfaces to these same abilities that are well documented.

Eve Isk
# 4th July, 2008

I agree with you too. If No customer Service = Customers are satisfied with quality that they don’t need any service.
lol … anyways, thanks for this great article.