A $50 Introduction

November 15th, 2007 by

Take a few minutes to subscribe to our RSS feed and introduce yourself on our blog. Leave a comment that includes your Web site address and something interesting about your Web site. If you’re a current client, also tell us how long you’ve been with WestHost. On Monday, November 26th, we’ll draw randomly from the entries and send the winner a $50 gift certificate to Amazon.com! Make sure you also include your first name and a valid e-mail address where prompted (your e-mail address will not be shown publicly) so we can contact you if you’re the winner. It could be the easiest $50 you ever made!

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AWStats and Multiple Domains

WestHost VPS – A little bit of history


# 15th November, 2007

I’ve been a Westhost customer for quite a few years now, maybe closing on 10 years soon. I found out about Westhost via someone speaking at a local PC User’s Group and my Westhost experience has gotten better and better over the years.

I started my business part time around 2001 but since 2004 have been full time running SpinningSilk Multimedia –

A web design, print and portable media company located in Greenville,SC. We use Westhost as the hosting solution for the majority of our clients.

# 15th November, 2007

I came to WestHost in October 2007 seeking faster and more reliable hosting. I have been thoroughly impressed.

My site is a collection of articles that are mostly about web development and programming but I do have a few articles on other topics. Unlike many sites, I have written my CMS from the ground up instead of using an existing solution such as WordPress. I chose to do this in order to make my site search engine friendly, fast, and easy to maintain.

WestHost’s hosting packages have everything I need to keep http://www.netlobo.com/ going strong.

Jennifer Koretsky
# 15th November, 2007

I’ve been a client of Westhost since I started my first website about 5 years ago. The thing I like best about Westhost is the great tech support team!

I’ve got a bunch of websites, one of which is the site for my book, http://www.odd-one-out.net. The cool thing about this site is that we’re using it to track sales of the book. We have a big goal of selling 5000 copies by 12/31/08. We update the site regularly so clients, customers and friends can track the goal right along with us!

# 15th November, 2007

I’ve been a WestHost customer since February 2000 when I established my personal domain. Then, in July 2004, I added a website dedicated to Oregon’s Exploding Whale. Visit http://www.theexplodingwhale.com/ for everything you’ve ever wanted to know about exploding whales.

Daniel Sroka
# 16th November, 2007

I’m a fine art photographer, and have hosted my site and my related business on Westhost since mid-2003. I create abstract, dream-like photographs from the found artifacts of nature, such as fallen leaves, broken sticks, and dried seeds. (I have a reseller account, and also host my father’s business, my sister-in-law’s store, and my brother’s business, in addition to a slew of personal photos. We are a Westhost family, it seems!)

# 16th November, 2007

Nice to meet everyone!! I’m Karen in Charlotte, NC. By day, I’m a trainer and application developer in a law firm, and by night I’m a mad site designer.

WestHost rocks! I stumbled upon WestHost when I was finishing my IT degree in the early 2000s after deciding what I want to be when I grow up (now pushing the big 50).

Every customer I have is also a WestHost customer. I’ve had a site hacked and within 30 minutes been completely restored. My domain name has not been sold. I have not been given a linked cover page while a domain was parked. I have found these folks to helpful, friendly, and honest. That is what good customer service is all about. I do have one site I need to move…..WestHost couldn’t support it back then, but I sure they can now.

I went on to become a reseller shortly after customer so I have been able to help family and friends. I have a real day job, so I spend my spare time building sites and WestHost services have been completely reliable since my tenure with them.

I hope some day to make a living building websites, but I am not a salesperson and the right opportunity has not yet crossed my path. I am one of those people that just likes to work behind the scenes and I get my own satisfaction from my hard work.

There is always something to learn in this business, and you can be sure WestHost will help out. Since this is such a great playground for me, I really do not mind just getting to play all the time. Anyway, have a look at some of my sites here. Stuff always changes and some sites have gone through several developments. It’s always fun. I love this technology and glad I found WestHost.
http://kradley.com (redoing my site)

Tell everyone about WestHost. They have earned a great reputation in my book and I don’t even take advantage of their affiliate program. Am I stupid, or what? Don’t answer that unless you’re nice about it. :0)

Ralph Becker
# 17th November, 2007

I’ve been with Westhost since I first moved my personal web site from my ISP’s free web hosting space in July of 1999. I’ve been very happy with the reliability of the service, which of course is the most important reason to use a host. It’s also great that space and bandwidth limits have increased automatically without intervention or price increases.

My site features a couple of networking tutorials that continue to generate a lot of views for me. I also have a diary I wrote (before the widespread advent of the blog) that chronicles my daughter’s journey with a rare disease.

I’ve recommended Westhost to anyone who asks about web hosting. I do some webmastering for Worldwide Marriage Encounter, and its main site, among others, is now hosted here as well:


Keep up the good work!

# 17th November, 2007

I’ve run multiple personal web sites on Westhost for years now (7-ish?) and have been quite happy. My sporadically (and sporadically popular) blog is at Science Addiction, but I do a variety of other (largely personal) stuff with my westhost account.

# 17th November, 2007

Hi, Westhost!!

I just moved my photography site over to Westhost about 2 months ago and have been pleased so far.

We specialize mainly in on-location photography (as opposed to studio photography), events, and weddings. But we really do a little of everything.

Thanks for a great hosting service! I’m in the process of moving over several other sites that I have been hosting elsewhere.

Kindest regards,

Prints Charming Photography
Our Photography Blog

Barry Nordby
# 20th November, 2007

I was first recommended to Westhost seven or eight years ago and referred clients to their hosting. There wasn’t a reseller program then, so I started selling on other hosting services. After the company I was using was sold and the service and quality spiraled to an abismal level which made for particularly difficult transition. During that time, I noticed Westhost now offered a reseller program. Since the site owners I had referred to Westhost always had good things to say, and since I was alway able to get quick and helpful service I was glad to be able to move to Westhost. Quality and service has and continues to be first rate. I love the easy to install programs. They help get things started, even though I can’t wait to upgrade some of the prorgrams to the very latest release. I’ve been having fun using WordPress as a web site platform at http://www.adesignforlife.com/. Joomla is next!!

Thanks Westhost!

Jon DeGenova
# 21st November, 2007

I’ve been a Westhost customer since March 2007. I had tried several others and was completely fed up with poor performance. Westhost rocks! All the others seem like they are in a war to offer the most disk space, but I’d rather have fast servers. I run several sites on my Westhost account:
http://www.projectpier.org is an open source project I was involved in getting started. Setting up the site was a true international effort that was done using Drupal.
http://www.rohs-news.com is a website that publishes links to articles and information about the European Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) laws that went into effect in 2006. I publish this site in my spare time using a MS-Access database and a series of scripts that I wrote to format the output to PHP and RSS files and upload them to the server.
http://www.saintjohnsunbury.org is my church’s website, were I’ve been the webmaster for the last few years. We moved from a “cookie cutter” site to this original PHP/MySQL database driven design which has given us a lot of flexibility. Something interesting about this site, I had to build a bridge between WebCalendar which we used for entering a public calendar of events, and PHPiCalendar, which we use to display the calendar generated by WebCalendar. A pretty neat trick that required a few customizations to these two great free tools.

# 23rd November, 2007

I’ve been a WestHost customer for a few months now, and I mainly use my plan to host my blog, http://flowingdata.com. I’m a graduate student, so it really helps me get my thoughts down as well as connect with others in my field. So far, I’ve been very pleased with WestHost.

# 25th November, 2007

I’ve been with Westhost in one form or another since at least 2002 I think. I first found Westhost when I was researching hosts for my employer. We started using Westhost – first for one experimental new site, and later moving all of our sites to Westhost on a reseller account.

Along the way, I’ve also moved two personal sites of my own over to Westhost, and am working on a third that will be hosted here. My two live personal sites are:

And the work sites are:

I’ve been very happy with Westhost overall. I’m a big fan of the combination of near-total account control balanced by low price compared to VPS plans that offer full root access but are quite expensive. That, combined with the 24/7 live chat support, is what keeps me here most of all.

# 27th November, 2007

I have been hosted (multiple sites) at WestHost for four or five years and have NEVER had a problem with their servers or service. I have recommended WestHost to my friends, family and collegues when they have needed inexpensive quality web hosting. My personal web site, http://stehno.com, is mostly a blog site for my technical endevours as a Software Engineer. So it might be interesting to other developers, but not so much to the general populace. It also serves as an archive of information and tips for me. The current version is a work in progress.

WestHost keep up the great work!

Pharmacy Reviews
# 6th February, 2009

I have a site dealing with Pharmacy Reviews, do I need a virtual server? will a shared hosting be sufficient? I have 700mb traffic per month, and a 20mb mysql db….