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Fun Facts
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Fun Facts About WestHost

Want to know more about WestHost? We have a cornucopia of employees with great experience, talent and even odd facts that you may or may not want to know! Take a glimpse at the random facts about WestHost and our talented staff.

  • Fun Facts
    • Half of our employees have more than 5 years of experience in the computer/Internet industry. We know experience matters to you.
    • 78% of our employees own at least 1 domain. What would you expect from a hosting company?
    • Half of our employees are fluent in another language besides English.
    • 13% of our employees have a tattoo. The location was not specified, and we prefer to leave it that way.
    • 85% of our support technicians and server administrators have finished or are enrolled in a computer-related college degree. We told you they were smart!
    • 70% of our employees consider themselves to be "night owls". Perhaps we should increase our graveyard shift?
    • When asked "Which superhero best represents you," 0% answered "The Hulk." Looks like our strength lies in our brains and not in our brawn.
    • Believe it or not, when we asked our employees if they prefer smooth or chunky peanut butter, it was a dead-even split at 50/50. We're not exactly sure what this means but we find it very peculiar.
    • Firefox is the preferred Web browser of choice by our employees. Luckily no one admitted to using Netscape.

This is just a sample of the great culture we have here at WestHost. For a full insight into our company, give us a call, start a live chat, or sign up for one of our services and you'll soon see why WestHost rocks!

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